You as a student, are in a pivotal life stage. You might be establishing your real beliefs for the first time, and you might be setting up discipleship patterns that will propel you into adulthood. Small groups have been proven to disciple students can definitely benefit.

Student discussion groups brings people together for open dialogs. By creating small groups to engage in conversations about how we consciously experience our lives to providing a space where people can connect, explore, engage in conscious thoughtful reflective conversations and learn from one another. As they develop more self-knowledge and understanding, it becomes easier to control their emotions and to achieve peace of mind. 
When students share about their struggles and their fears, they give deeper consideration to what they actually believe. Hearing other people's perspectives gives them the opportunity to expand their understanding and to benefit from the wisdom of the group.

In our Life Groups studies, we take a look at the common areas of struggle which are: loneliness, anxiety; insecurity; discouragement; hopelessness; neediness; inferiority; obsession; broken heart; addiction; eating disorders; anger; depression; suicidal thoughts, etc...

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